Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bright red (Klarröd)

365 Klarrod
365 #129: Klarröd (bright red)

Finally, the long lost Christmas gifts from granddad and uncle arrived today. My daughter received a book which she was very pleased with. She has broken the reading code in both Swedish and English now, so I find her with a book on her lap most times of the day.

Her gift was wrapped with a pretty red tie, with red hearts and I put it up in her hair. To make her see what it looked like, I took a photo and only afterwards, I realized that I had actually captured a 365 theme: Klarröd, which means bright red.


  1. Jag älskar detaljbilder, särskilt när de är såhär klara och fina.

  2. Sweet! I love the bright red ribbon woven through her braid. It's neat to photograph small details instead of a whole portrait.

  3. Vackert. Utsnittet är snyggt, jag anar mer än vad som syns i fotot. Snygga färger också.

  4. Veldig stilig - for en flott flette ;))

  5. Vilken vacker bild av flickans fläta!

    Ha en skön kväll. Kram Lissen