Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Heavenly Swedish Winter

I am trying out Petunia's weekly Heavenly project (Himmelsk in Swedish). To me this photo above represents heavenly in so many ways.

This photo was taken 2 years ago, when we went skiing in Sweden. Just looking at this photo, transports me back to that afternoon. The sun was setting and the sky was beautiful after a day of sunny weather. The air was cold and crisp and I had a little moment to myself outside the cabin, which in itself was a truly heavenly moment. I was amazed by the icicles hanging from the roof and tried to capture the light from the sky coming through them. If you start looking at them, you can see the reflection of the sky and the other icicles within the icycle itself.


To view more heavenly vistas, please visit Petunia.


  1. Vilket vackert ljus det blev genom isen!

  2. Wonderful with the icicles in the front

  3. Underbar bild! Mycket vackert ljus genom istapparna.
    Ha en fin kväll!

  4. ojojoj - dette er virkelig et strålende flott bilde!

  5. For et nydelig bilde og for et vakker lys på himmelen. :0)

  6. Thanks for stopping by today.

    Love that ice photo- So beautiful!

    My husband's family is Swedish- so I am super sucked into your blog each time I visit. We try to keep the kids involved with their heritage as much as possible & your blog is a great way to do that. My husband's secretary is also from Sweden & has only been in the states for about 15 years- so I have passed your link along to her so she can help translate what my browser won't for me :)

  7. Oj! Riktigt, riktigt läcker bild! Gillar helskarpt att man kan se speglingar i istapparna!

  8. Virkelig herlig bilde! Dette var spesielt og flott med både istapper og fargerik himmel.

  9. You say Heavenly - From an Australian point of view it looks as cold as Hell!

  10. Hi Mia,
    You are right, that icicle is heavenly, very extraordinary!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Strålande vackert. Här har du lyckats riktigt bra!

    Bra jobbat alltså. :)

    Ha det gott!

    (jag deltar inte i "Himmelsk" denna vecka, men tittar in ändå)

  12. Winter IS heavenly and you've captured it just so.