Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Sweet treat

I love sweet  treats, have always done, but unfortunately for me, I am very sensitive to carbs, so in periods of time, I have been  excluding them from my diet (with amazing health benefits). It is a hard thing to do and I admit, I am still not in the swing of things when it comes to my low carb eating yet, after pregnancy och feeding-round number 3, but I am getting there.

Something I still treat myself to is grapes. 

Go ahead, have one, they are delicious!

Happiness in a bowl.

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  1. Gorgeous!!! So funny- I captured some grapes this weekend too.

  2. Beautiful. Such clarity, and the light is lovely.

  3. So, I've eaten my dinner and now am hungry again. Gorgeous shots!

  4. Love the close up! What a yummy, cool, refreshing teat.

  5. I'm behind in my blog hopping! Your photo is great - so glad I didn't miss it.