Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday baking

We have been celebrating the start of the weekend with some baking.

Cinnamon rolls.

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Please feel welcome to leave me a comment (it is so exciting to see who makes it here and it also makes me very happy!)
I will make sure I visit you later this evening, when husband puts the little ones to bed.

ah...did you hear that:
"when husband puts the little ones to bed"

music to my ears, after 4 days on my own.

For more Friday photos, please visit:

the long road  


  1. what a gorgeous pictures, and you made me hungry for some cinnamon rolls! :)

  2. Now my mouth is watering! Great food photo shots!

  3. Looks delicious!!!
    What a blessing to have a husband who helps take the little ones to bed.

  4. I can almost smell the cinnamon straight through my monitor! Fabulous photos.