Monday, 10 October 2011

Capturing beauty - British Columbia

Driving along the fjords in British Columbia, Canada
March 2011

While doing a little photo challenge browsing yesterday, I found Traci's Capturing Beauty-challenge at her lovely blog Ordinary Creations.

After looking through the photos I snapped (yes, snapped, with an 11 month old not-so-keen-car-traveller with us, all I managed to do was to get some snaps of the beautiful fjords of British Columbia, while the car was rolling..) on our trip to Canada in March, I decided to go with one of them. This photo is taken north of Vancouver.

This is one of the things I find truly beautiful and I can't wait to go back.


  1. I couldn't affjord to drive along there. Cause the beauty would be too distracting.

  2. Beautiful photo! I LOVE BC. Is it taken on the Sea to Sky highway just north of the Horseshoe ferry terminal?

    Do you have more pretty photos of your trip to BC?

  3. WOW, this is just stunning! Really amazing shot!

  4. Amazing! I love the color and light. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Underbart vackert! Själv var jag till BC för första gången i somras...körde längs kusten mot Whistler. Oj, va ljuvligt det var!!! Synd att det fanns så få ställen att stanna bara, för det var svårt att fånga nåt då bilen susade förbi :)