Sunday, 9 October 2011




I have finally got the hang of my new camera (as well as working in overdrive for 6 months) and yesterday it all clicked for me.

"I need to start taking daily photos again."

And I don't mean that I really would like to, I really need to do this to feel good (I have not being feeling well not doing so.)

I have literally not been logged into my blogging account for 6 months, but I crave taking photos and reflecting over my day looking back on my photos in the evening.

So here I am again.

One of my favorite photo challenges is Fototriss and today's theme is Personal.

So what are my photos of today? Well, I work from home and I love to use my camera in my job. One thing I do is to give my work a little personal touch, so here is my daughter (C, yes she is 6 now!, I think she was 2 when I started this blog...!) featuring one of the items at work.

I really liked how the photos turned out, so I though I use them for my fototriss.


  1. Härliga bilder.. Tösabiten är ju helt bedårande...

  2. It must have taken six years for you to talk this Angel into coming down from Heaven to pose for you. Gorgeous!

  3. Underbara bilder på den lilla fina tjejen.. Personligt, javisst riktigt gott med de små :)

  4. I love your daughters beautiful hair. You really do seem to have your new camera sorted. What camera is it?
    Love your large images on your blog.

  5. Beautiful and very personal pictures. The girl looks really happy. :-)