Saturday, 15 October 2011

Colourful ballerina

My happy ballerina

Last December, I hurt my back quite badly. It took me months before I was back to normal and I missed out on a whole term of "ballerina school", which my daughter calls her much beloved ballet class.

In July, I was well enough to do the car journey to her big performance day at Ballerina school and she was absolutely beaming the whole time. I followed her with my camera for the whole 40 minutes of the show and she gave me these happy glances thoughout the show. A happy, happy day for both of us.

So this is my precious colourful contribution.

Birthday orchid

I also received this gorgeous orchid from my husband on my birthday.

A favorite flower of mine.

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  1. Beautiful photos! The girls are adorable.

  2. Fantastiska bilder båda två! Din dotter är ju såååå söt, o härligt hur hennes glädje riktigt lyser! Vacker blomma...snyggt fotat, och mycket fin i sin 'enkelhet' :)

  3. Kul att du är "tillbaka".
    Oj vad den lilla har blivit en riktigt stor prima ballerina. Förstår att du var stolt att hon var glad att ha dig där!

  4. I really enjoy the intensity in the moment of the ballerina-picture. What really makes the picture stand out is the happy face of the girl in the middle. Nicely done! I usually don't get much out of nature pictures, but the juxtaposition of the ballerina and the orchid pictures work very well, like two different ways of dancing graze.

  5. beautiful orchid and what a sweet and happy ballerina

  6. I would love to spend time at the Ballerina Academy watching your Princess strut her stuff too. so Darling.

  7. that's so nice you were able to return to your little one's ballet lessons, she has that proud 'mummy's looking at me' expression. Your orchid is just beautiful.

  8. thanks! you too! Love the photos. What an adorable ballet photo and the orchid is stunning!

  9. Your birthday orchid is gorgeous, so is your daughter.

  10. it is beautifully colr co-ordinated, the girl's ballet dress and the orchid.

  11. love the color - the hot pink on black is beautiful. her smile is very proud.