Friday, 24 August 2012

A visit to the playground

We have been working like crazy for 18months. At first we thought it was going to be 10 months and we were really proud to put all efforts into turning things around. That stretched to 12 months and after that it just went on and on and finally, after 18 months of working every single day, I have arrived at a point where I realize that no matter how much effort I put into our business, there will always people and situations, who are competing with our family life. So we have decided to prioritize, no matter what, we have to have family time. Here are some precious family time spent at one of our favourite playgrounds.

Little one bouncing with some help from dad.

I love to see him toddle in the park.

We took this trip because I needed to visit my doctor, so I spent most
of the time at the park lying on a quilt reading a magazine *I don't know when I last did that...10years ago?*.
Hence most photos are of children, post 2 hours constant playing  in summer heat. They are more or less worn out at this point.

I didn't see much of I, he spent most of the time on a skateboarding-traning-thing, which was a brilliant equipment for older children to play on.

A enjoying a spin.

I know my blog is a little bare at the moment, but please feel welcome to check back, I will fill it with lots of things I love, so you get a good picture of who I am.

I hope you have enjoyed our moment in the park and wishing you the best start of the weekend.

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  1. Love them all!!! Especially the toddling in the park one. I love watching my niece do the same....she is so cute walking away. So grateful you stopped by my place! I will have to stop by yours more often. Love it!

  2. Looked like a fun time...adorable kids!

  3. Oh you are so right! There are always things tugging at our time. Finding the balance is always tough. And your fun time looked awesome! Those little blue/green pants are A.Dor.A.Ble!!!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  4. I agree something is always pulling at our nice to just escape!

  5. Enjoy your weekend and I hope everything went well at the doctor's appointment. Thank you for joining in.

  6. Sometimes I think I have more fun at the park than my little one! The swings will always be a favorite of mine! You've captured some great moments here! I think that last shot just may be my favorite :o)

  7. It's always great to get out there with them & cut loose.