Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Our moments at the beach

I have been together with my husband for 17 years now. I LOVE being with him. We met at university, programming together and later we started up our own business together, were we are working together and I LOVE it! :)

7weeks ago, he had to take on a client 4hours by car from here, so nowadays we are on our own 5 days a week. It is so hard, not only being on my own with 3 children, but just not having him here. I feel half the person when he is not with us.

When he is back, we love to go the beach.

We bring our picnic blanket and yummy treats and just hang out together. The children are at such a great age (10, 7 and 2) and are able to play without us running after them all the time.

I can't wait for the weekend to be here, so we can be together!


  1. Stunning images of the shore! Hope you have a fabulous weekend together.

  2. Thank you Gina! Hubby is now home and we are SO looking forward to the weekend! Wishing you a lovely weekend with your family.